For the last 5 years, our 200/300 Hour Teacher Training Programs have offered a solid foundation on how to teach yoga and have taken it beyond the modern day standards. In our trainings, we teach all the essentials so that you can dive deeply into your own practice & teach in the world with confidence.

And now, the time has come to reclaim the essence of yoga, being union, and allow the next generation to take us beyond!

OUR 200Hr YTT Curriculum Includes:


- Principles of Teaching Modern Asana & Alignment. (influenced by Iyengar, Ashtanga, ISTHA, and other lineages)

- Somatic/Movement practice, Mvt109‚ĄĘ (created by Phoebe Leona)



- General Principles of Teaching & Sequencing

- Teaching to Find Balance in our New World

- Restorative Practices & Trauma Informed Teaching




- Chakra System & Somatic Movement Practice, Mvt109‚ĄĘ

- The Koshas for Inner Engineering (influenced by Sadhguru's book)

- Pranayama & Other Breathing Practices 

- Meditation & Expanded Awareness Practices (featuring content from Phoebe's upcoming book)


- Yoga Sutras & other philosophical discussions on integrating yoga in our new paradigm

- History of Yoga & Designing The Next Generation 

- and more...

A Message From Phoebe Leona, nOMad Founder & Lead Trainer of nOMad YTT


Retreats (18)

"The world will be saved by the Western Woman."

-Dalai Lama and other Eastern gurus 

 Hello dear friend, 

The past few years the old paradigms have been shifting, crumbling, releasing in so many ways, including in our yoga communities. I had been teaching yoga for over 15 years and as our world went into lockdown, I questioned how I was going to offer these practices in the new state of our world.

It already had been evolving organically in our nOMad community the last few years but this great wave of change was brought on collectively by numerous controversies around the abuse of power by gurus, yoga studios shutting down in lockdown, and a flood of yoga and healing modalities offered on social media and zoom that sometimes added to the overwhelm & overstimulation of the virtual world we had quickly all shifted to.

Last week, I was in Mexico leading my first retreat since the pandemic. A message came through. A statement made by the Dalai Lama and other eastern gurus like, Paramahansa Yogananda, who had visions of the western woman saving our world. 

At that moment, it became so clear. 

Just like I have been teaching the last two years, various systems and structures are dissolving now, our yoga system is also a part of this too. We, yogis, also have to let go of the old paradigms of teaching this sacred practice for the next generation to claim its place. What has been generally taught as yoga in our western world is only 100 years old, but these practices go back thousands of years prior and it has constantly evolved with the times. 

Now is our time to weave our own thread into the tapestry of yoga and design it for our new world.

At nOMad, I am excited to announce we have up-leveled our Yoga Teacher Training curriculum again to align more holistically with our times that seem to be in great divides in all of our worlds so we can get back to the root of what yoga is, union. It is time to teach the NextGen of yoga so that we save our world from these great polarities that are consuming all of us on some level.

This training will still pass on the integrity of the structures and systems of the yoga practice to create a powerful container for transformation that the masculine energies of the eastern gurus taught us so divinely. To complement these teachings, I am grateful to pass on my experiences and knowledge alongside other nOMad teachers, the feminine energies that will allow us to dance into the new paradigm to flow with life, connect more deeply within to heal ourselves and our world by becoming more receptive and embrace a more expanded state of being. 

These are practices that need to be shared now.

Our world depends on it.

I am grateful to share with you so you can share with our world. 

With love & grace,


founder of nOMad, creator of Mvt109‚ĄĘ


What Our nOMad Teacher's Are Saying


  • The nOMad Collective

    Starting my journey as a yoga teacher with nOMad and Phoebe was truly a gift. Within the structure of the curriculum, Phoebe provided space for each trainee to discover their own unique voice and the special qualities that they can individually offer to the practice. This training is intentionally curated with love for the yoga practice and those who seek to dive deeper and you see that reflected in the nOMad community who continues to support and uplift one another beyond the training. For anyone interested in expanding their practice I hope you start your journey with nOMad!

    200-HR YTT Grad (2019)

  • The nOMad Collective

    This yoga training went above and beyond what I would have expected a 200hr yoga teacher training to be. A tough but very rewarding experience for me.

    200-HR YTT Grad

  • The nOMad Collective

    When I signed up for the nOMad teacher training, I had no idea what to expect as a teacher- of course physical postures, but I was also hoping for something deeper- a focused awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and purpose, which I had started to experience and play with on and off my mat. With Phoebe's help and with the on-going and growing support of the nOMad community, I have been able to feel, explore, challenge, and sit with my thoughts, emotions, questions, and discomforts in more ways than I imagined. Most excitingly and surprisingly for me, this mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration has allowed me to unlock physical movement patterns in physically and emotionally challenging and ever-changing ways. Completing the nOMad teacher training and joining the nOMad community has literally changed and challenged every day of my life since.

    500hr RYT, TRIBE co-founder

  • The nOMad Collective

    nOMad's teacher training gave me the confidence I needed to grow as a teacher. The content was well rounded, from anatomy and alignment to philosophy and business, and everything in between. The mentorship program gave me the one on one attention that I need to thrive.

    300-HR YTT Grad (2017)






- Live Sessions: January 8th-April 8th

- 7 Weekends:

Saturday/Sundays 9am-4pm EST

January 8th/9th, 15th/16th, 22nd/23rd,

February 5th/6th, 12th/13th

March 5th/6th, 12th/13th, 26th/27th


-2 One Hour-Weekly Yoga Sessions

TBA live and recorded

- 3 Hour-Weekly Live Embodiment Sessions

This part of the program can also be taken individually for 40 CEC's Find out more here.

Wednesdays 6-9pm EST


$3000 for 200 hours of nOMad's Yoga Teacher Training

Registration closes January 8th

Includes all live online sessions, an online self study portal. As soon as you register, you will have access to practice videos, recorded meditations, the nOMad YTT manual, reading list, and more.

The curriculum meets the new Yoga Alliance standards and beyond. You will have the option to join YA, if you wish. Inquire for more information. 

Past Trainings 

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