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Epi #134 Call out to all the Lonely Hearts

In this episode, Phoebe dives into navigating the space of loneliness, offering practices from her book, Dear Radiant One.  With external and internal factors that amplify this feeling, loneliness is a global epidemic. But by “turning the light on” and reclaiming our own accountability, we can see new possibilities and take action to make different choices to foster connection. 

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EPI #131 Post (1:2)

Epi #131: Making Friends With Grief With Victoria Volk

Victoria Volk joins Phoebe for a conversation about her story of transforming her own experience with grief through The Grief Recovery Method and how by going through this process and continuing to implement these tools in her life she has stepped into her purpose of dedicating her life to guiding others through their own journeys of making friends with grief. 

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Epi #130

Epi #130: Misaligned With Fear

In this episode, Phoebe invites us to shift our perspective of fear as a “misalignment” and dives into practical tools on how we can make friends with this emotion and work with it to potentially create something new. 

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Epi #128

Epi #128 Spread The Joy

In this episode, Phoebe reflects on her conversation in the last episode with Mike Millios about joy and invites us all to explore, how do our bodies respond to joy? Sharing from the heart, Phoebe dives into her own experience with joy and how oftentimes this emotion is interwoven and dances with others. 

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Epi #127

Epi #127: Cultivating Joy with Mike Millios

In this episode, we welcome back our nOMad Guide, Mike Millios, as he and Phoebe dive into creating joy in our lives even in times of chaos. Mike gets vulnerable about his experience, invites us to shift our perspective of “self-care” as community care, and shares about his upcoming series at nOMad. 

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Epi #126 Return Of nOMad’s The Space In Between

Welcome back to nOMad’s The Space In Between! This is our first episode back since our hiatus and we are so excited to catch you up on what’s been happening in nOMadland. Listen as host, Phoebe Leona, shares about the process of her upcoming book and some new shifts in our community!

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